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3D Eye Solutions, Inc.

3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (TDEY.OTC) provides 3D content conversion services and hardware integration for the 3D stereo (with 3D glasses) and auto-stereo (without 3D glasses) media industry.

It offers a 3D integration box that allows viewing 2D content on 3D stereo capable televisions and displays; auto-stereoscopic real time media player, which converts DVDs and Blu-Ray media, as well as streaming video; and real-time stereo-to depth-to multi-view output algorithms that convert 2D standard media into 3D stereo and auto-stereo format.

The company also develops production tools for content providers, which include a quick time 2D + depth component module to play and view stereo and auto-stereo media; a video editing 2D + depth plug-in, a video editing package; a 2D + depth stereo rip server, which converts 2D to 3D for studios or content providers; and a true 2D + depth 3D rendering plug-in for a 3D animation package, as well as 2D + depth HD and 2K camera system and auto-stereoscopic large format theaters to produce 3D movies.

In addition, 3D Eye Solutions provides digital signage solutions for retail advertising networks, corporate communications, traditional and digital billboards, digital menu boards, digital posters, cable TV, hotel lobby signage, gas pump toppers, outdoor advertising, and interactive kiosks used in retail, education, entertainment, and government industries, as well as offers a media server that remotely controls digital signage locations.

The company’s services also include stereo and multi-view consulting and turn-key solution integration for theme parks, trade shows, corporate venues, malls, and airports; 2D to 3D conversions for stereo and auto-stereoscopic formats; production and processing of media content for corporate venues and trade show events; and software development services for component and rip integration into editing and cluster server configurations to edit, render, and convert stereo data.