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4D World: Light Moving In Fourth Dimension Observed During Quantum Hall Experiment


The following is an excerpt from SURAJ RADHAKRISHNAN | January 8, 2018 | ibtimes.com |

We can only experience life in three spatial dimensions, but there could still be countless others out there, existing outside the range of our sensory perceptions. Scientists recently used a bit of a scientific trick to get a look into one of those extrasensory dimensions.

At the root of their discovery is something called the quantum Hall effect. It involves restricting material to a two-dimensional space and then passing an electric current through. When the material is super cold and the magnetic fields are strong, that interaction creates a voltage that jumps up in steps rather than rising in a continuous flow. The theory was that if humans could perceive a fourth dimension — a spatial one; not the dimension of time — we would see this same effect there as well.

That’s where the new experiments come in. The scientists created setups, which are described in the journal Nature, that would show them what could be occurring in the fourth spatial dimension without having to build some sort of inter-dimensional teleporter to take them there. They were relying on the fact that they could collect information from the fourth dimension without actually being able to step into it, as it exists and potentially affects others regardless of our own perceptions.

Two experiments used different methods in a two-dimensional space to simulate a four-dimensional one. In one setup, the scientists used lasers to create 2D pathways through glass and then sent lightwaves through. In another, they used crisscrossed laser beams to influence the motion of super cold atoms. With both of the systems, they were seemingly forcing the materials inside to move within another dimension, a simulated one.

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