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5 Cool Inventions That Could Save The Planet


The following is an excerpt from Tricia Escobedo | May 11, 2017 | CNN.com |

You've heard about the impact that our technology-driven population is having on the planet -- from cars, to energy factories, to the over-consumption of the earth's resources.

It's causing a lot of problems.

Yet, inventors are also using this technology to improve lives across the planet. Here are a few of their creations (or soon-to-be ones):

1. A high-tech sieve that makes the ocean drinkable

Yes, you can already turn the ocean into drinkable water through existing, industrial-scale desalination plants.

But these plants are often costly and can damage the environment: They use large amounts of energy, produce greenhouse gases and can harm marine life.

So, researchers in the UK have developed a sieve made out of graphene that may be able to filter out salt using less energy.

That could help provide safe, clean, drinkable water -- which is a rare resource in many countries.
In fact, the United Nations predicts that in less than a decade, 14% of people around the world will not have access to sufficient water resources where they live.

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