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5 Things to Know About Evan McMullin


msnbc articleThe following is an excerpt from CHRISTINA COLEBURN | August 8, 2016 | msnbc.com |

Evan McMullin, who serves as the chief policy director for the House GOP, is launching an independent bid for the White House. His conservative candidacy could revive the opposition that anti-Trump Republicans have expressed toward their party's nominee.

In a statement explaining why he decided to pursue the presidency, McMullin on Monday wrote that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is a "corrupt career politician" while Republican contender Donald Trump "appeals to the worst fears of Americans at a time we need unity." He maintained that with the high stakes of this election, he could not afford to be a bystander.

"Our country needs leaders who are in it for the right reasons and who actually understand what makes this country the greatest on earth," McMullin said in the statement. "Leaders who will unite us and guide us to a prosperous, secure future, beyond the dysfunction of a broken political system."

Can it actually be done, though?

Here are five facts to know about McMullin's independent candidacy.

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