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A Plan to Stop Climate Change


huffingtonpost articleThe following is an excerpt from Vivienne Westwood | January 9, 2016 | Huffingtonpost.com |

Exchange Business as Usual for Green Economy.

Before the French Revolution in 1789 most people believed in monarchy and the divine right of kings. After 1789 they believed in democracy. We need to change old for new as quickly as that. If not, we're dead.

To do this we must:
Destroy the Credibility of the Press (Mainstream Media)

The press repeat what politicians say.
After the recent Paris Agreement, President Hollande said, "This is a major leap for mankind". The story is: 195 countries have promised to try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero in the next 50 years. This time it's different because China is with us.

Most people now think climate change is under control, our leaders are taking care of it.

The press went on to tell us that the agreement is not binding and the UN says we (business as usual) are on course to hit between +2.7 and +3.5. But most people ignore that unsettling part of the information. They already "got the story". Once they got the story there is no room for other information, especially if it conflicts; the hole has been filled and everybody's back to square one. People don't see any other way than business as usual. No change.

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