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A Supercar With Supercapacitors


The following is an excerpt from cnet.com | December 15, 2016 |

You can usually judge the impact of a truly special car by the questions you get when people see it. When I first reviewed the Tesla Model S, early in its production run, the first question was usually: "Is that a Tesla?" Years later, on the Model X, it was: "How do the doors work?" When it comes to most Ferraris and Lamborghinis, people want to know how fast they'll go or how much they cost.

With this car, though, that first reaction was rather different: awed silence, occasionally mixed with muttered profanity. The Aventador Roadster is such an incomprehensible thing to behold that most people need a few seconds simply to absorb it. It is special, a monster of a supercar that embodies everything a Lamborghini should be. But that everything won't be everyone's thing.

To trace the origin of the Aventador you must trace the origin of Lamborghini. The company was founded in the mid-'60s as a sort of counterculture Ferrari. One of its first cars was the 1966 Miura, a long, low, stunningly beautiful machine with a V12 mounted behind the seats. It was the fastest car of its day and would go on to define what a supercar should be.

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