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Welcome to Opportunist Magazine Opportunist Magazine is intended to be a valuable resource of information for investors, the financial community and small businesses. It's content focuses on economics, finance, and a dash of politics.

Featured Stories Each week we select a person or company to interview that we feel is of interest to our readers.  These interviews are published at no cost to the participant.

Profiled Companies Each of the companies profiled in Opportunist Magazine pays a fee. All fees paid for the advertorials are disclosed through our Disclaimer section. All featured companies are based on public information that is readily available from stock exchanges, press releases, public filings, etc. They are  reviewed and verified by each company before publication. You can be notified quickly of new press releases from companies that interest you by registering with us. If you use an iPad or iPhone, you can receive breaking news instantly.

Articles Our featured articles of 500 to 1000 words are researched and written by staff members or guest writers who are experts or professionals in their field.

We encourage our readers to submit their own articles to our editorial staff for review and possible publication. Our editors seek articles that are thought provoking, informative, educational ― and that will elicit comments and opinions from our readers.  We are not opposed to controversial articles.

Article Suggestions

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Social Media Small Companies that became Large Companies
My Best Investment Big Companies that became Small Companies
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Green Companies and Innovations

News and Views Current “News or Views” items are written by our editors.  Our readers are also encouraged to submit articles of 50 to 300 words.

**Prohibited from publication are any articles that our editorial staff deems to be promoting a product, person or individual security.