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From The Publisher

Donna Rayburn, President, Markham Woods Press Publishing Co, Inc.

It is very hard for small companies to get their “story” in front of investors and the investment community to be discovered.

There are more than 20,000 publicly traded companies in the United States.  The top 200 companies receive 90% of the coverage that investors use to make investment decisions. Additionally, these giant companies can afford to have enormous investor relations budgets with full time staff and consultants dedicated to getting their stories out. Small cap companies have to take a different approach.

Small cap companies are inherently high risk in nature. But they can also provide a high return for the astute investor. Once, Microsoft stock traded at 6 cents a share. Recently, it was trading at $27.00.

Opportunist Magazine is platform for small cap companies to tell their story to potential investors.  Each issue will include informative and educational articles on many subjects of interest to the financial community.

I hope you enjoy the Opportunist Magazine and use it, to create an opportunity...

Donna Rayburn