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Amazon Plans To Add 100,000 New US Jobs


The following is an excerpt from Ben Fox Rubin | January 12, 2017 | CNET.com |

Amazon is getting in the mix of US companies promoting their efforts to create more US jobs.

The e-commerce giant said Thursday it plans to create 100,000 new full-time, full-benefit jobs in the country over the next 18 months, expanding its US workforce to 280,000 -- up 56 percent from 2016.

While that's a huge number, many of these new jobs were expected. The company already revealed plans to create new warehouses in Texas, California, Florida, New Jersey and other states, with thousands of employees slated to run those new facilities.

Amazon typically talks up its plans for new warehouses around the country, but the latest announcement appears tailor-made for President-elect Donald Trump, who has made US job creation a major issue of his platform and who takes office in eight days.

Since his election victory in November, Trump has pushed US companies to keep their jobs in the United States and threatened to levy tariffs on those that leave but sell their goods back into the country. Trump promoted Vice President-elect Mike Pence's work to keep more jobs in a Carrier plant in Indiana that was slated to move to Mexico. He also congratulated Ford for abandoning a plan to build a new factory in Mexico, instead investing more in Michigan.

So far, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos appears to have a testy relationship with the incoming president, having suggested Trump was eroding democracy "on the edges" by threatening to jail his political opponents. In late 2015, Trump also claimed Amazon wasn't paying its fair share of taxes, to which Bezos, who also founded the Blue Origin spacecraft company, jokingly offered to send Trump into outer space.

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