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Amazon Wants to Be In Every Room of Your House


The following is an excerpt from CHRISTINA BONNINGTON | September 20, 2018 | Slate.com |

Amazon announced a baffling array of connected home products on Thursday. In total, the company introduced 14 new products at a surprise hardware event in Seattle, along with a handful of software and feature updates. Attempting to follow along with the event on live blogs and on Twitter proved impossible. Unlike an Apple event that focuses on a few hardware announcements, with much of the time spent detailing specs, features, and demos of those products, Amazon rattled through more than a dozen new products (and 70 total updates) with the speed and ferocity of an auctioneer (or so it seemed—I stopped following the event live and waited to make sense of it all once Amazon sent out more detailed press information). While Amazon delivered on some expected product updates, it also threw some curveballs, including an Alexa-controlled microwave and a wall clock.

Now, it’s clear that Amazon introduced products across four primary categories: Echo smart speakers, Echo accessories and companion devices, connected home control, and smart home monitoring. Some of the products make perfect sense. Amazon unveiled the Echo Dot in 2014 and last updated it in 2016. It was due for a refresh. Amazon also officially brought Alexa into the automotive space, something competitors Apple and Google already have a strong foothold in.

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