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Americans Are Addicted To Outrage


The following is an excerpt from David Von Drehle | Thewashingtonpost.com | October 3, 2017 |

Addiction compels you to chase a high that only makes you feel worse; it reduces you to a lesser version of yourself. And you can’t stop because deep down you don’t really want to change.

Too many Americans are controversy junkies.

Almost every day brings new evidence. The website Memeorandum.com is littered with empty baggies and syringes. Using an algorithm to survey the Internet’s motley collection of news and opinion sites, along with that inextinguishable garbage fire known as Twitter, the website offers a reasonable approximation of the buzz levels around news of the day. The result is eye-opening, though rarely edifying. On Monday — as the country was coming to grips with the massacre in Las Vegas — the hottest story for much of the day involved a social media post by a careless executive in the legal department of CBS.

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