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“An Incredible Feminist Statement”


slate articleThe following is an excerpt from Nora Caplan-Bricke | November 3, 2015 | Slate.com |

Hillary Clinton is uniquely able to divide sentiments on the political left. The center of the controversy this time is an unusual image: a painting of Clinton armed with a gun, which is pointed straight at the viewer, and a pitiless expression. It appears on the cover of a new book about the former secretary of state’s career.

The contents of this book—which is titled My Turn and written by perhaps the most notoriously anti-Clinton lefty, Nation contributor Doug Henwood—undoubtedly influenced the cover’s reception. Salon’s Joan Walsh called it “disgusting”; Salon’s Amanda Marcotte tweeted wryly, “I keep hearing it’s unfair to think that some of the male Clinton haters on the left might have issues with women.” Other feminist commentators had more favorable reactions to the cover—like Notorious RBG co-author Irin Carmon, who tweeted, “Wow the @HillaryClinton campaign is really going next level in portraying her as a badass.”

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