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The Anti-Trump Surge Is Fueled by Women


The following is an excerpt from Christina Cauterucci | November 8, 2017 | Slate.com |

Democrats won nearly every major race on the ballot on Tuesday night, making Election Night 2017 a passable balm for progressives wounds on the anniversary of Donald Trump’s election. In the Virginia gubernatorial race, at-least-he’s-a-Democrat Ralph Northam beat out Ed Gillespie, who ran on a platform of Trump-style racist demagoguery. Chris Christie finally got his comeuppance for governing terribly and slobbering all over Trump’s shoes. An actual socialist beat out the Republican majority whip for his seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

But all across the map, it was women who made the most historic strides on Tuesday. And if those results prompt a progressive wave next year, Democrats will have women to thank.

Trump’s election inspired thousands of women to consider the possibility of running—because they were appalled enough to take matters into their own hands and because they realized they are at least as qualified as Trump to hold public office. Even though Tuesday was an off-year election, with only Virginia and New Jersey holding statewide races, it gave political parties a glimpse of the electoral impact they can expect from the women-led activism of the past year.

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