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Apple and Google Just Can’t Stop Copying Each Other


yahoo articleThe following is an excerpt from Rob Pegoraro | September 29, 2015 | Yahoo.com |

Google introduced two new Android phones today, and some of its features may look familiar to iPhone users. You know what else should look familiar? These two companies borrowing each others’ ideas.

Today’s introduction of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P—each sporting an iPhone-esque fingerprint sensor and iOS-style rules for how apps can use your data—represents only the latest installment in a long history of Apple and Google adopting each others’ better ideas.

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It’s a safe bet Apple will return the favor in some way when it ships iOS 10 and then an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus next fall.

The interface in the mirror
Apple and Google’s back-and-forth copying has never been more obvious than in the increasingly similar look and feel of their user interfaces.

Take multitasking: Years of fierce competition have led both Android and iOS to present the apps running on your handset as a series of cards you flip through vertically (Android) or horizontally (iOS); to close one, simply swipe it out of that stack.

Which company copied this design? Both: The long-deceased Palm’s webOS displayed open apps as a series of cards first.

Notifications in each mobile OS increasingly look alike too. Here’s a case where Apple followed Google — which I have no problem with, except that Apple hasn’t finished the job by letting you dismiss all open notifications with one swipe, as you can with Android.

Android fans can point out that Google’s support for desktop widgets has no parallel in iOS—but on an iPhone’s home screen, 3D Touch provides something remarkably similar, if available on a far smaller range of devices.

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