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Apple Inc. Makes The Case For Smaller iPhone And Greater Need For Privacy


ibtimes articleThe following is an excerpt from Luke Villapaz | March 21, 2016 | ibtimes.com |

UPDATE: 8:07 p.m. EDT -- A federal court in California has approved a request to postpone a scheduled Tuesday hearing in a high-profile case between the Department of Justice and Apple. The DOJ filed the request for the delay Monday, less than 24 hours before lawyers for the two sides were scheduled to appear before a federal judge in Riverside, California.

UPDATE: 7:45 p.m. EDT -- The Justice Department has requested a postponement of Tuesday's scheduled hearing in Riverside, California, on the Apple-FBI encryption dispute.

Original story:

For Apple, the star of its show Monday wasn’t a 4-inch iPhone SE. Nor was it the smaller iPad Pro. Instead, it was the company’s commitment to the privacy of its customers that was paramount — namely because the smartphone has become such an integral part of everyday life.

“We built the iPhone for you — our customers," Apple CEO Tim Cook said onstage in Cupertino, California. "And we know that it is a deeply personal device. For many of us, the iPhone is an extension of ourselves.”

That's but one of the many reasons Apple is battling the FBI in court over an order that could force it to create a backdoor into its iPhone, including one used by one of the San Bernardino, California, killers, Syed Rizwan Farook. Apple is scheduled to face the FBI in a court hearing on Tuesday.

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