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Apple and Nokia Battle Over Cellphone Patents


The following is an excerpt from VINDU GOEL and MARK SCOTT | December 22, 2016 | Nytimes.com |

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple’s iPhone is a technological marvel. You can watch streaming video on it, download apps, take photos with its camera and give voice commands to Siri, its digital assistant. You can even make old-fashioned voice calls on it.

Nokia, the Finnish company that was the world’s largest cellphone maker until its business was decimated by Apple and makers of Android-based phones, claims none of those features would exist without its inventions, which were made over many years and after billions of dollars were invested in research.

For the past five years, Apple has paid Nokia a modest royalty for the use of its patents. But with that pact about to expire on Dec. 31, Nokia wants Apple to keep paying for that portfolio, and is demanding that Apple license additional patents. Apple is refusing to pay Nokia’s price and has accused it of extortion.

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