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Best Foods To Protect Your Aging Brain


cbsnews articleThe following is an excerpt from CBSNews.com | May 13, 2016 |

The aging of America means more cases of Alzheimer's disease. Experts predict the number of people with the condition is expected to nearly triple by mid-century. But there's growing evidence that there may be a way to reduce the risk for dementia, and it starts in your grocery store aisles.

A number of foods have been associated in studies with a lower risk for Alzheimer's. They include:

Leafy green vegetables
Nuts and seeds
Fatty fish
Olive oil
Whole grains

"These foods all have different components in them that are either neuroprotective -- they help protect our brain... Other ones give our brain fuels," registered dietitian Alissa Rumsey told CBS News.

These "brain foods" are also elements of the Mediterranean diet, which includes less red meat and processed foods. Nine out of 12 recent studies found a link between a Mediterranean-style diet and a reduced risk of Alzheimer's.

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