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Why Billionaire Investor Chris Sacca Is Retiring At Age 41


The following is an excerpt from Laurie Segall | April 26, 2017 | CNN.com |

The cowboy is retiring.

Chris Sacca, an investor known for his early bets on Uber and Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) -- and his penchant for cowboy shirts -- announced Wednesday that he is going to stop investing in startups.
In a blog post, the billionaire investor also said he would stop appearing on Shark Tank, which he has been a part of for the past two seasons.

"I've been trying to tiptoe into this phase for years," he told CNNTech in an email. "But it became obvious about a year ago that it would only work if I truly left the business."

Sacca, 41, said it was impossible to give his investments the time and energy they needed -- and also try different things.

In the post titled "Hanging up my Spurs," Sacca said his second act would include a foray into entertainment. He plans to launch a podcast -- although he was tight-lipped on any details -- and play himself in a pilot about startups that's being developed by Zach Braff.

"TV stuff can be a hoot and I learn so much by interacting with audiences outside of my bubble," he wrote. "Even the quirkiest opportunities, like my upcoming appearance on Celebrity Family Feud, have taught me something and brought me a lot of laughs."

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