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Nyxio Technologies Corp

Nyxio Technologies Corp

Nyxio Technologies Corp. (OTCBB: NYXO) was established in 2007 to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge products to the consumer electronics industry. In only a few years, Nyxio has demonstrated a keen ability to innovate and keep ahead of the technology curve. The company’s flagship product — the VioSphere Smart TV — is the only integrated flat screen TV and full PC available on the market today. Nyxio released the product three years before the consensus determined that the Connected TV and Smart TV would ride the next consumer technology wave.

Nyxio continues to identify gaps in the consumer electronics market and develop creative products to fill those voids. In addition, by consolidating key hardware into more efficient devices, Nyxio not only reduces the overall environmental footprint of end users, but keeps products reasonably priced.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Nyxio has the flexibility and maneuverability for rapid product introduction, allowing end users to benefit more quickly from technological developments and advances. The company enjoys distribution across several vertical markets and in multiple industry sectors.

Cutting-edge Products
Nyxio Technologies is committed to developing a wide range of next generation products and complementary accessories, including Tablet PC’s, Smart TV’s, all-in-one PCs and mobile media viewers. Nyxio’s products include:

The VioSphere: Nyxio’s flagship product, the VioSphere Smart TV is the world’s only integrated flat-screen TV and PC. With fully integrated components, including a built-in DVD player/burner, Bluetooth, WiFi and webcam, the VioSphere is one of the most advanced Smart TV’s available on the market.

The Realm: An all-in-one PC/TV, the Realm combines the latest in PC technology with HDTV. A full 22” touch screen provides a vivid display, and built in WiFi, camera, microphone, DVD player and Bluetooth saves space.

The Omega: The Omega is a compact, state-of-the-art Windows 7 Tablet PC with a 10.2” touch screen, built in Web Cam, WiFi, optional SIM card port and 3G module for mobile phone functionality.

The Venture MMV: The Venture Mobile Media Viewers (MMV) are a new class of video eyewear that allow consumers the ability to watch movies and other video content with a cinematic view, as well as listen to music or read books without the product being connected.

At Nyxio Technologies, management prides itself on having knowledgeable employees that contribute effectively across all departments. The company’s national sales representatives are available for product consultation, site demonstrations and virtual demonstrations as needed.

For more information, visit nyxiotechnologies.com