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PBS Holdings, Inc.

PBS Holding, Inc.

PBS Holding Inc. (PBHG) is focused on growth by mergers and acquisitions of technology, media, multimedia, television, film productions and content development. Synergistic Panners include RDP Hospitalitv Group, Starlest Direct, Global Maximus Records, Maximus Overdrive, ProntoJet, and more.

Keys2CA$H™ enhances the revenue impact of hotels’ rewards and loyalty programs with recurring profits that extend beyond the guests’ stay. The program increases brand loyalty and supports improved guests retention. By implementing Keys2Cash hoteliers are able to increase occupancy while bypassing the 4OTA brokers. Keys2Cash is a Global Maximus Productions (GMP) initiative.

This program is designed as a means to award the consumers with an instant reward upon check in at participating hotels, with a continued value extended by participating sponsors at local retailers for up to a year after the initial issuance of the card. This is only as to the length of time sponsors discounts are valid. Each month, new cards are extended regardless of the previous cards issued, with new sponsors in rotation and new media products and programs.
Stafest Direct, Inc.

Starfest Direct, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PBS Holding, Inc. Starfest Direct, Inc. markets and sells products and services that promote health, wealth and luxury lifestyles, while creating business opportunities for its exclusive clientele and membership. Starfest drives its membership through its proprietary direct sales e-commerce venue, membership awards programs, and benefits from both a syndicated TV programming about how to become a member and a business owner/reseller, which will broadcast to over 40 Million households via satellite and cable and a brick and mortar sales and marketing strategic partners. Membership is free and includes a member branded, direct sales e-commerce website having full back-office support including a merchant account, "just-in-time" inventory and fulfillment.

The principals of Starfest are seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs with extensive backgrounds in the media, production, marketing, product placement/advertising, and direct-sales industries. Management is highly confident that they have developed an innovative concept on its way to becoming one of the most successful direct-sales companies. Starfest is leveraging the momentum and growth in the health, wealth and luxury lifestyles industries and combining it with Web 2.0 and television advertising and marketing to drive global direct-sales channels.

Starfest serves as a concierge and a referral service between independent contractors, business owners, home based businesses and high-value lifestyles products and services. This subscriber service offers e-commerce visibility and convenience. Members can post items for sale or trade, search for their perfect item, and post information about themselves. New items will be uploaded regularly with new products constantly featured so buyers will have reason to return again and again to http://www.starfestdirect.com/welcome.aspx.

Real Estate Television Interactive™ (RETVi™)
RETVi™ serves as a solution to research data indicating that more than 33%* of hotel guests are in one or more stages of relocating. RETVi is in exclusive agreements with RDP Hospitality, Global Maximus Productions (GMP), SuiteLinq, Inc., and GBC Blue for hotel content distribution. RETVi is the premier real estate television network platform that will launch the next generation of real estate content distribution within the hospitality space.

RETVi allows hotel guests and real estate agents to use the internet, in-room entertainment, and hotel information service areas as a medium for buying and selling real estate.

RETVi’s objectives are to (I) enhance and maximize customer retention from within the hospitality space; (II) provide all agent members with qualified leads; (III) increase sales through a revolutionary and cutting edge technology locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally through a television network in hotels; (IV) allow the valuable agents the ability to be exposed to a critical mass of potential buyers, sellers, and investors; (V) promote career opportunity in the real estate arena; (VI) expand real estate brokerage offices in under-served areas using this program to stimulate awareness from the hospitality environment; (VII) increase marketplace visibility to all real estate products and services.

The Company’s strategy for achieving these objectives is to provide a high-quality constantly evolving interactive network. The network is designed to connect agents with qualified leads of potential clients by reaching a critical mass platform. RETVi gives real estate agents access to an impression base of more than 3.8 million rooms per day. The hospitality industry has an average room turnover rate of 2.2 per day. The captive nature of this audience has never been exposed to this type of information, and interactive programming. The RETVi network represents a natural progression in serving both the clients’ and agents’ needs in the real estate industry. RETVi is designed to create a “simple and interactive” experience for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.

For more information, visit: http://www.retvi.com/