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Carrier Jobs, Saved by Government


nytimes-articleThe following is and excerpt from Nytimes.com | December 1, 2016 |

The holidays came early this year for workers at a Carrier furnace plant in Indiana, who learned on Tuesday that 800 of their jobs would not be moving to Mexico after all. Their good fortune is also an early triumph for the incoming Trump administration. President-elect Donald Trump had promised during the campaign to stop the offshoring of American manufacturing jobs, and true to that pledge, he and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who is governor of Indiana, cut a deal with Carrier, a division of United Technologies, to keep the jobs in the state.

For the people whose jobs were at stake, the details of the deal are secondary. If they had become unemployed, most of them would not have found new jobs that pay anywhere near the $20 to $25 an hour that veteran line workers earn at the Carrier plant.

For everyone else, however, the details do matter, both in themselves and for what they say about how a Trump administration will do business with big business.

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