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Chinese Cyperspying On US Companies Drops


ibtimes articleThe following is an excerpt from Reuters | June 20, 2016 | ibtimes.com |

The Chinese government appears to be abiding by its September pledge to stop supporting the hacking of American trade secrets to help its own companies compete, private U.S. security executives and government advisers said Monday.

FireEye Inc., the U.S. network security company best known for fighting sophisticated Chinese hacking, said in a report released late Monday that breaches attributed to China-based groups had plunged by 90 percent in the past two years. The most dramatic drop came during last summer's run-up to the bilateral agreement, it added.

FireEye's Mandiant unit in 2013 famously blamed a specific unit of China's Peoples Liberation Army for a major campaign of economic espionage.

Kevin Mandia, the Mandiant founder who took over last week as FireEye chief executive, said in an interview that several factors seemed to be behind the shift. He cited embarrassment from Mandiant's 2013 report and the following year's indictment of five PLA officers from the same unit Mandiant uncovered.

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