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Why Chinese People Won’t Boycott Trump Fashion


The following is an excerpt from Beijing bureau | February 15, 2017 | BBC.com |

In a week that saw a political storm after Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump fashion lines and reports in the US media that her younger sister Tiffany Trump was "shunned" at New York Fashion Week, there was one unlikely win for the first family.

Headlines like "Tiffany Trump is having an awkward time at New York Fashion Week" only served as a reminder that several high-profile designers have been very public in their boycott of the Trump family.

But at Chinese designer Tao Wang's show, Tiffany Trump - US President Donald Trump's youngest daughter - took pride of place in the front row.

People in China sat up and took notice and revelled in the attention they paid to a rare example of a home grown designer. The moral and ethical quandaries front and centre for other designers were simply not an issue.

Ms Trump became a fan of Tao Wang's brand, Taoray Wang, after she first hit the New York catwalks in 2016.

"I think Tao's aesthetic is just unparalleled. She puts so much effort into the slightest detail," Ms Trump told The Hollywood Report.

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