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Why Clinton’s Choice Of A Running Mate Really Matters


yahoo articleThe following is an excerpt from Matt Bai | July 7, 2016 | Yahoo.com |

There’s no more Joe Biden hovering on the periphery, waiting. Bernie Sanders is already a memory. And now the specter of a federal indictment, always remote but potentially catastrophic nonetheless, has finally, if noisily, been put to rest.

Sure, a race of zombie aliens could still beam down to Earth and inhabit the bodies of Democratic delegates in Philadelphia, and I guess there’s a small chance we’d actually notice. But if you’re Hillary Clinton, you woke up yesterday and realized that, at long last, no earthly obstacle remains between you and the nomination.

Followed closely by a second thought: I’ve really got to figure out who’s running with me.

The first announcement about a running mate, of course, will come from Clinton’s opponent. Donald Trump’s convention commences in about 10 days, which by my rough calculation gives him a pretty tight schedule:

Three days to settle on a top few choices, two more days to get rejected by them and find a suitable fallback (two senators, Bob Corker and Joni Ernst, took themselves out of contention just yesterday), one day to introduce his pick at a rally at which Trump does all the talking, one more day to totally insult that person in a thoughtless, late-night tweet, two days to walk back the tweet in a barrage of free publicity, and one additional day to blame the media for the whole thing and revoke the credentials of a few more serious news outlets.

Clinton, though, still has a few weeks to name her running mate, and the choice will test her steel as a potential president.

She’s under enormous pressure to go in one direction. She really should choose the other.

If you took any classes in political history, you were probably taught that running mates are chosen for the sake of regional balance, or to reunify a party riven along ideological lines. Times have changed.

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