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CNN’s Anderson Cooper Was Cranky, and Donald Trump Was a Disaster


slate articleThe following is an excerpt from Isaac Chotiner | March 30, 2016 | Slate.com |

“My greatest failing is sometimes I don't follow up,” Anderson Cooper said during CNN’s town hall in Milwaukee on Tuesday night, a week before the state’s primary. Cooper was jokily alluding to an earlier question from an audience member who had asked Ted Cruz about the candidate’s biggest weakness. But Cooper’s coverage of the 2016 GOP primary has indeed been a fine example of not following up, one of many journalistic sins that he and his network have committed in their pursuit of Donald Trump and the ratings he brings.

But Tuesday night was different: Cooper found—it would be too generous to say recovered—his footing, and the network delivered a pretty solid event. After months of softball interviews, Cooper went after Ted Cruz and (especially) Donald Trump with forensic skill. In response, Trump flailed and crumbled, the bigot and misogynist in him laid bare. Will it matter? Probably not. But at the very least, at a moment when his colleagues in the political media have been fitted for hair shirts over their alleged enabling of Trump, Cooper was able to elicit from the Republican front-runner his most disastrous performance of the campaign.

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