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Could Rubio’s Crossover Message Save The GOP?


yahoo articleThe following is an excerpt from Andrew Romano | October 15, 2015 | Yahoo.com |

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., rallies supporters during a three-day campaign swing through southern Nevada (Photo: AP/John Locher)

LAS VEGAS — Marco Rubio had just finished wooing a group of Christian businessmen at the posh Canyon Gate Country Club, a few miles east of the Strip. The hot afternoon sun was shining on the Italianate columns of the clubhouse. Golf carts glided silently over flawless green fairways. The mountains of Red Rock Canyon rose in the distance. It was a scene fit for a glossy real estate brochure, or perhaps a Republican campaign commercial.

But in the parking lot, a pair of prominent national political reporters — one male, one female — were complaining.

“He never says anything new,” the woman sighed.

“Very scripted,” the man agreed.

“My editors are like, ‘Trump attacked Rubio today. How did Rubio respond?’” the woman continued. “And I have to be like, ‘He didn’t. It was just the same old stump speech. Again.’”

My colleagues weren’t wrong about the junior senator from Florida. Over the course of a three-day trip to the Las Vegas metro area, I heard Rubio address the good people of Nevada five times, and each time his remarks were pretty much identical. Sometimes his riff about how “the world is changing faster than ever” would come before the part about America being “the only nation on earth” where you aren’t “stuck” in the same class as your parents; sometimes it would come after. Sometimes Rubio would deliver six policy prescriptions; sometimes he would stop at five. Otherwise, there was little variation — just the candidate, slightly sweaty in his tie and shirt sleeves, smoothly repeating everything he’d said at the previous stop.

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