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Cruz and Kasich Are Incapable of Making News


weeklystandard articleThe following is an excerpt from CHRIS DEATON | March 31, 2016 | WeeklyStandard.com |

First he came for the airtime, then he just came for the air. Donald Trump has taken all the oxygen from his Republican rivals and used it to saturate the media with his every word, exclamation, explanation and exhortation to help him make America great again.

In the last two weeks, Trump has breathed life into a series of farcical news cycles. He has set the agenda by threatening his opponent's wife in response to an attack from someone not his opponent, promoting an unflattering picture of her, claiming that his opponent started it, defending his campaign manager from a criminal charge of battering a reporter, questioning whether that reporter had bruises predating the encounter with his campaign manager, wondering whether that reporter's pen was a bomb, and stating it was actually the reporter who criminally accosted him. This would've been the wildest stretch of Springer in weeks. Unfortunately, this ... is CNN.

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