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Dashboard Data Troves: How Vehicles Keep Tabs on Consumers


wsj articleThe following is an excerpt from Mike Spector | February 17, 2016 | WSJ.com |

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook noted when spelling out reasons the company will resist a court order to unlock an iPhone that smartphones are now an essential part of life and store vast amounts of personal data.

Another essential but far older mobile device also has emerged in the customer-data debate: the automobile.

Americans often authorize auto makers to collect reams of data when purchasing a car, ranging from crash data to driving histories and diagnostic information related to vehicle maintenance.

Auto makers have developed voluntary privacy principles to safeguard consumer data, including providing car owners with access to clear notices about the use of information, allowing consumers to choose how certain data is collected and used and limiting the use of information to so-called legitimate business purposes. The principles are laid out by Washington lobbying groups representing nearly all auto makers that sell cars in the U.S., including General Motors Co., Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co.

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