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Democrats Aren’t Dying for Joe Biden to Run But The Media Is.


slate articleThe following is an excerpt from Jim Newell | October 6, 2015 | Slate.com |

If Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t want to make any news yet, the media will just have to make some news for him. Because the media really, really, really wants Biden to transform the Democratic primary into what it’s currently not: a highly clickable three-way donnybrook in which Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders claw each other to death for public amusement.

To wit: Politico’s Mike Allen published a genuinely hilarious report Monday marketed as containing two pieces of in-demand information: that Biden is expected to make a decision on his candidacy this weekend and that he is supposedly leaning toward entering. Allen’s report doesn’t actually confirm either of those nuggets, though. It is sourced entirely to anonymous “friends,” though sometimes they double as “confidants” and other times as mere “visitors”—idle swells who call on the Bidens during lazy Sunday afternoons in the Delaware countryside. “The confidants,” Allen writes, “say the most likely scenario for a decision is a family council next weekend.” Unless … that is not at all true? “But these sources,” he cautions, “note that the timing will be driven completely by Biden, and he has proved to be ever-unpredictable as he contemplated a race.” While Allen writes at the top of the piece that several “people who have visited Biden recently said he seems to be leaning ‘yes,’ ” a few paragraphs later we hear from other “friends” and “visitors” who disagree.

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