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The Democrats’ Big Night


weeklystandard articleThe following is an excerpt from JONATHAN V. LAST | July 28, 2016 | Weeklystandard.com |

Finally, something went right for the Democrats in Philadelphia on Wednesday night.

It started out horribly as Leon Panetta—one of the most deservedly respected men in the last 20 years of government—gave a good, serious speech about national security. And was nearly booed off the stage by a large group of malcontents screaming "No more wars." In one of the oddest juxtapositions in I've ever seen: A senior Democratic figure was making a conservative critique of the Republican nominee that caused him to be heckled by the progressives in the audience—and then the rest of the attendees attempted to intervene by chanting "USA! USA!"

As David Frum quipped, it was the sound of realignment.

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