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Democrats’ Dishonesty on Zika Bill


weeklystandard-articleThe following is an excerpt from Alice B. Lloyd | September 8, 2016 | Theweeklystandard.com |

For the third time in two months, Senate Democrats blocked $1.1 billion in federal funding to fight the Zika virus on Tuesday. In voting down legislation to combat the imminent public health emergency posed by Zika, Democrats complained that Republicans slipped in a "poison pill" provision to limit funds to Planned Parenthood.

In reality, most of the funds to fight Zika would go toward developing a vaccine and diminishing Zika-capable mosquito populations before the disease can spread further, while another smaller portion would go to hospitals and clinics—other than the already amply funded Planned Parenthood—for prevention and treatment. Rather than defund Planned Parenthood, it would simply not send any new money their way. And yet, the day after they failed to pass Zika funding, Democratic senators repeated the same false claim: The bill as written, they insisted, would have robbed funds directly from the women's health provider.

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