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Disney Tech: Disney Explores Video Streaming And Blockchain


The following is an excerpt from LEIGH CUEN | October 9, 2017 | ibtimes.com |

Disney is moving away from Netflix to develop its own tech-savvy platforms. In August, the Walt Disney Company announced its partial acquisition of the startup BAMtech, to the tune of $1.58 billion. Disney plans to leverage the startup’s technology to launch two video streaming platforms, one for Disney content and another for sports, through a partnership with ESPN. The former will launch in 2019 while the latter is scheduled for a 2018 debut.

The New York Times reported Disney will start by budgeting at least $150 million to make original content for its own streaming platform. Disney wants to eventually phase out third-party licensing, which media analyst Michael Nathanson estimates brings in around $835 million a year across the board. This will be a colossal undertaking, so Disney started working on a blockchain-based asset management platform back in 2015.

Could Disney become the next Amazon, blurring the lines between e-commerce, entertainment and web services?

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