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Don’t Let Free Wi-Fi Wreck The Holidays


The following is an excerpt from Laura Hautala | December 7, 2016 | Cnet.com |

Evan Robertson won his school science fair this year by proving just how thoughtless people can be on public Wi-Fi networks.

Evan, now 11, programmed fake Wi-Fi portals and took them to food courts shopping centers across the Austin, Texas, area and waited to see how many agreed to some pretty outrageous conditions. For the love of free internet access, they'd have to give their OK for the Wi-Fi owner to do things like "reading and responding to your emails, monitoring of input and/or output, and 'bricking' of your device."

More than half of the shoppers shown these terms accepted them.

Attention holiday shoppers: public Wi-Fi networks are dangerous, especially during the Christmas season when so many people in one spot make for easy pickings, says Don Duncan, a security engineer with NuData Security.

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