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Elon Muzzled


The following is an excerpt from RACHEL WITHERS | October 2, 2018 | Slate.com |

Tesla has been ordered to put in place “controls and procedures to oversee Musk’s communications.” Does that include the ones about the aliens, pedos, and “the D”?

On Aug. 7, while driving himself to the airport, Elon Musk tweeted nine words, supposedly in part to amuse his then-girlfriend with a 420 joke.

The tweet set into action a course of events that would cost him a great many things. He’s lost his chairmanship of the Tesla board, a position he had held since before he was CEO. (He’ll still be chief executive, though.) It cost him $20 million—or $2.2 million per word—and Tesla, of which he is the largest shareholder, another $20 million. (Tesla’s violently fluctuating stock is still far below what it was before the fateful day, so the final amount lost for both man and company could be much greater.) One might say it cost him his girlfriend, whom he unfollowed 12 days later, but hey, there was a lot going on.

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