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Eta Aquarids 2018: When, Where To Watch Shooting Stars At Their Peak


The following is an excerpt from Shubham Sharma | May 6, 2018 | ibtimes.com |

Eta Aquarids, one of the most famous annual meteor showers, is set to peak, giving sky-gazers a dazzling show of shooting stars.

The meteor shower runs for almost a month – from April till the end of May – but watching it during the peak hours with maximum meteors hurtling through the sky is the real treat, something that happens this weekend.

Viewers in the United States will be able to see as many as 10 to 30 shooting stars per hour during the early morning hours of Sunday, as per TimeAndDate. This will be the best time to see meteors in the night sky.

Eta Aquarids are known for their speed and will be traveling at about 148,000 mph while entering Earth’s atmosphere. This can result in what NASA calls "glowing trains" of meteors for several seconds to a few minutes.

According to a statement from the space agency, Aquarids could be washed out by the moonlight this year, but heading out during the pre-dawn hours and going away from all visible sources of artificial light could be the key to getting the best views. Just find an open space where you can cover a wide view of the sky like a park or something, and look up while lying flat on the ground.

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