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Even on Urban Excursions, Finding Mother Nature’s Charms


The following is an excerpt from Shivani Vora | August 9, 2018 | Nytimes.com |

Public parks aside, getting a dose of nature can be a tricky task during an urban escape. But nature should and can fit into that city getaway, according to Kally Ellis, the founder of the London florist company McQueens and the in-house florist for the Maybourne Hotel Group. “Connecting with the natural world wherever you are is a great antidote to jet lag and travel tiredness,” she said. “Plants and flowers can refresh us, boost our energy and help us recalibrate.”

Below are some tips from Ms. Ellis on incorporating nature into your next city vacation.

Head to the Flower Market

Midsize and large cities usually have flower markets that sell a large variety of plants and flowers from around the world. Ms. Ellis highly recommended visiting one. “You’ll be treated to different smells and colors,” she said. “Leisurely stroll through and let your senses be engaged.” Know that most open early — in New York’s cluster of flower markets, in Chelsea, for example, shops are typically open before 6 a.m. The earlier you go, the quieter it will be.

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