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Should You Fear Your Phone Battery?


cnet-articleThe following is an excerpt from Sean Hollister | October 12, 2016 | cnet.com |

You've no doubt heard the news: Samsung has permanently stopped producing its Galaxy Note 7, after as many as five of the supposedly "safe" replacement phones were said to explode. Samsung and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission are advising that every single Note 7 owner power their phones down. (Owners can trade them in for different phones.)

But here's the thing: no matter which phone you own -- Android, iPhone, even an old BlackBerry -- your phone likely includes a flammable lithium-ion battery, too. (The same goes for most tablets, laptops and many other portable devices.)

If Note 7 batteries are melting down -- even if it's just a small handful -- is your phone next? Could you wake in the middle of the night to see your nightstand smoldering, or worse?

The short answer: It's highly unlikely. Phone batteries aren't statistically likely to explode -- even the ones inside the original, pre-replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones.

But it's not impossible.

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