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How to Gain Perspective About Politics


The following is an excerpt from Joan Cook | December 6, 2016 | Time.com |

Some people are looking to a Donald Trump presidency with fear. They’re following every Twitter post and cabinet pick, and their anxiety continues to increase. A technique that might help those of us with concerns is called psychological self-distancing, putting some space emotionally between us and what is causing us stress.

When confronted with a negative event, people sometimes churn the associated unhelpful thoughts around and around in their minds. Others are drawn like a moth to light when a negative event or some drama occurs, and they thrive off the energy. The downside is that people can get too physically and emotionally aroused, which can not only take a toll on their body but can drain their support system as well. This kind of self-immersion also doesn’t usually give us the most realistic picture of the world around us.

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