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The Galaxy Note 8 Is Going To Be Huge Because…


The following is an excerpt from CNET.com | May 25, 2017 |

The Galaxy Note 8 phone may be months away, but when it comes (which we know for a fact will happen), it's going to be big. In fact, as the first Note model after two Note 7 battery fires and 3 million recalled units, the Note 8 will be more important than any other Note ever made.

Hang on, what's the Galaxy Note again?

The Note line is Samsung's flagship phone for power users.
It comes with a digital pen (or stylus, if you'd rather) that's called the S Pen.
It's been the most advanced, and most expensive, phone that Samsung sells each year.
We expect it to be the same size as the Galaxy S8 Plus ($1,176.00 at Amazon.com)'s 6.2-inch screen. Yeah, big.

OK, thanks. Why's it such a big deal?

1. It'll be the real test of the Note family's post-Note 7 recovery, even more so than the Galaxy S8 ($750.00 at T-Mobile USA), battery of which is so far incident-free.

2. Samsung can course-correct on the S8's biggest problem: the placement of the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone, right next to the camera lens. (Hello, awkward.)

That fingerprint scanner, which is used for unlocking the phone and waving through Samsung Pay and Android Pay, could now go under the glass as rumors suggest.

Or, if Samsung can't get the puzzle pieces together, the center of the phone's back is another option. That location works well on the Google Pixel, LG G6 ($599.95 at Amazon.com) and Huawei P10 ($649.00 at Amazon Marketplace).

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