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Google Denies Labor Department’s Pay Disparity Allegations


The following is an excerpt from Edvard Pettersson | April 9, 2017 | Bloomberg.com |

Alphabet Inc.’s Google denied Department of Labor allegations that an in-progress investigation suggests “systemic compensation disparities against women” at the internet giant.

“Every year, we do a comprehensive and robust analysis of pay across genders and we have found no gender pay gap,” Google said in an emailed statement Sunday. “Other than making an unfounded statement which we heard for the first time in court, the DoL hasn’t provided any data, or shared its methodology.”

The Guardian reported that Labor Department regional director Janette Wipper testified in San Francisco court Friday that the pay disparities against women appear to be found “pretty much across the entire workforce” at the tech company. The investigation isn’t complete but the department has received compelling evidence of “significant discrimination,” the Guardian reported, citing the Labor Department’s regional solicitor, Janet Herold.

The allegations come at a time when Silicon Valley is under the microscope like never before for reports of discrimination against women. Uber Technologies Inc. has been investigating claims of sexual harassment from a former engineer, while investors across the tech world are wondering how to transform both start-ups and more established digital companies into more egalitarian workplaces.

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