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Google Hit With Lawsuit Over Alleged Location Tracking Scandal


The following is an excerpt from Alex Perry | August 20, 2018 | ibtimes.com |

A new lawsuit puts Google in the crosshairs of the tech world’s latest privacy scandal. A complaint filed over the weekend in San Francisco federal court accused the search engine and mobile operating system giant of illicitly tracking the locations of mobile users, even when said users manually turned off location tracking, according to Reuters.

The Associated Press first shone a spotlight on the issue last week in an extensive investigative report. Users of Google apps on both iOS and Android mobile devices, unbeknownst to them, give a great deal of location data to Google just by using those apps. It is possible to go in and turn off a setting called “Location History,” but the AP’s report found that doing so did not actually stop Google from tracking users and storing that information.

Instead, the AP advised users to turn off a setting called “Web & App Activity,” which apparently did more location tracking than “Location History.” The misleading nature of these settings is the basis for the lawsuit. Plaintiff Napoleon Patacsil of San Diego wants it to be a class-action lawsuit representing anyone in the United States who turned the setting off but still had their locations tracked.

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