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What Happens To Current Transgender Troops? White House Can’t Say


The following is an excerpt from KATHRYN WATSON | July 26, 2017 | CBSNews.com |

Incoming White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said President Trump's administration will work to implement his new ban on transgender people in the military lawfully, but she did not supply details on if, how or when transgender service members will have to leave their posts.

Sanders told reporters in a White House press briefing Wednesday that the White House and Department of Defense will work out the details, after the president surprised the political and even military world with the major policy shift he announced in tweets. But the ban leaves many questions unanswered, such as, what happens to current troops, and will they have to self-report their status and leave military? Sanders also offered no timeline for implementing the policy.

It's unclear how much the White House has consulted, or if it has consulted, with lawyers or the broader military community. The Pentagon is referring all questions back to the White House. Sanders repeatedly insisted the president made the "difficult" decision after speaking with his national security team and in the interest of "military readiness."

"The decision is based on a military decision," Sanders said. "It's not meant to be anything more than that."

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