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Hearing the Good Doctor


The following is an excerpt from Alice B. Lloyd | January 12, 2017 | weeklystandard.com |

While members of the press gradually filled their designated seats at the back of the hearing room where Dr. Ben Carson would undergo uncommonly friendly questioning about his plans to lead the federal department of Housing and Urban Development, members of the Carson family linked up in the hallway. One of his sons could be heard kindly coaching a relative over the phone about how to find the room. He has his father's same signature tone, an understated steadiness (or what some might call an overstated drowsiness).

That temperament served Dr. Carson well on Thursday during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee. The panel was generally kind to Carson, one of Trump's least contested nominees. The biggest doubt about his fitness to serve since Trump announced the nomination in early December has been whether Carson, a retired neurosurgeon turned pundit and presidential candidate, is really qualified to lead the nation's public housing policy.

He preempted the prevailing skepticism in his opening statement.

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