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What The Heck Has Happened To The Senate?


The following is an excerpt from Isaac Chotiner | July 25, 2017 | Slate.com |

On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence cast the tiebreaking vote for a motion to proceed to the debate on a repeal or partial repeal or replacement or really God-knows-what of Obamacare. Things became even more confusing once it leaked out before the vote that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appears to be planning for a so-called “skinny repeal,” which would get rid of the law’s individual mandate but keep other aspects of Obamacare intact.

To discuss McConnell’s strategy, and how unprecedented the bizarre process we just witnessed really is, I spoke by phone with Norman Ornstein, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and the author, with Thomas E. Mann and E.J. Dionne, of the forthcoming One Nation After Trump: A Guide for the Perplexed, the Disillusioned, the Desperate, and the Not-Yet Deported. Over the course of our conversation, which has been edited and condensed for clarity, we discussed what people don’t understand about Mitch McConnell, the tribalism that has infected the Republican Congress, and how GOP legislators’ failure to stand up to their leaders does not bode well for their willingness to stand up to a demagogic president.

Isaac Chotiner: Has this procedure been unprecedented, and if so, why should we care?

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