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Helping Save Endangered Species? There’s An App For That


cnet articleThe following is an excerpt from Edward Moyer | July 8, 2016 | cnet.com |

When it comes to mobile apps, you've no doubt heard of Angry Birds. But what about Endangered Birds?

No, it's not a game, it's serious business. San Diego Zoo Global -- a conservation group with programs worldwide, and the parent organization of the famous California zoo -- is using a customized mobile app to aid in field studies of two of the state's endangered bird species: the western snowy plover and the California least tern.

Flowfinity, maker of the app, said in a press release earlier this week that SDZ Global's use of the software had been expanded to include the two species.

Conservation researchers use the app to "record field observations in mobile forms instead of paper, as well as look up past field data collected throughout the season on mobile devices," Flowfinity said.

SDZ added that the app helps improve accuracy and efficiency because it lets researchers search thousands of records at a fast clip and validate data while offline. The offline bit is key.

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