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Here’s How Hillary Clinton Plans To Keep America The World’s Tech Leader


yahoo articleThe following is an excerpt from Rob Pegoraro | June 28, 2016 | Yahoo.com |

The wait is over to learn about Hillary Clinton’s tech-policy priorities—and it turns out we didn’t really need to wait at all, since most of them match President Obama’s.

The positions the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee set forth in a 6,794-word briefing (“I do plead guilty to being a policy wonk,” Clinton said in a brief speech Tuesday at the Denver campus of the startup hub Galvanize) may amount to “a comprehensive plan to keep America on the cutting edge of technology and innovation,” as she put it.

But this summary of Clinton’s stances on tech issues definitely adds up to a continuation of Obama’s aspirations, with only a few notable departures from that pattern.

Startups FTW?

Clinton’s tech plan, reported in advance by Politico’s Tony Romm, leads off with a list of initiatives to boost the teaching of “STEM” (science, technology, engineering and math) in schools. Like all federal educational projects, they are subject to the reality that the national government doesn’t run local schools.

The more interesting stuff comes later on, when the paper breaks out ways to get more startups into the economy. “What we’ve been doing isn’t sufficient,” Clinton said Tuesday.

First, she would let startup founders defer their student-loan payments, putting them “into a special status while they get their new ventures off the ground.” The text of the proposal doesn’t limit that to tech founders, which could make it costly to start.

Second, Clinton would try to poach more talent from overseas by letting foreign STEM graduates stay to work here and issuing “start-up visas” to encourage international entrepreneurs to build a business in the U.S. Alas, this would have to be part of comprehensive immigration reform, a tar pit for today’s Republican Party.

Net neutrality and (somehow?) broadband for everyone

Clinton strongly defends the Federal Communications Commission net-neutrality rules that just won a major victory in court. That puts her in direct opposition to Republicans including, it seems from a 2014 tweet, their presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

(Most of Trump’s other tech-policy positions remain undocumented on his site and in his speeches, although we do know he wants to cut terrorists off from the Internet and force Apple to make the iPhone in the United States.)

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