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Here’s Where The U.S. Sent $35 Billion In Aid Last Year


marketwatch articleThe following is an excerpt from Shawn Langlois | October 30, 2015 | Marketwatch.com |

The U.S. spread about $35 billion in economic aid across 142 countries last year. In some cases, where it went may come as a surprise. In others, not so much.

Cost-estimating website HowMuch.net put the figures in perspective by using the numbers to create a map showing the relative size of each country by the amount they received. The color indicates gross domestic product per capita. The map includes the top 40 by total aid sent, along with 37 others, such as Portugal and Malta, just to show geographic diversity.

Israel is the clear leader with $3.1 billion, which was used for military financing. Egypt was next with $1.5 billion, most of that also used to fund military activity. Afghanistan, Jordan and Pakistan round out the top five, and the bulk of the money there was used for economic development, according to government data. In total, a quarter of the funds went to these countries.

Breaking down the $35 billion by category, $8.4 billion (24%) went toward global health programs, $5.9 billion for military, $4.6 billion for economic support and $2.5 billion for development assistance.

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