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Hulu Ends Its Ad-Supported Free Streaming


betanews articleThe following is an excerpt from Mark Wilson | August 8, 2016 | betanews.com |

The age of free Hulu is over. The ad-supported side of the streaming video service is being killed off, and anyone who is currently making use of the free option will be moved to a free trial of a full subscription.

Nine years after its launch, Hulu is ditching its ad-supported tariffs and will instead focus on pushing people towards paying a monthly subscription. The move comes after the streaming company expanded its deal with Yahoo so that shows from ABC, NBC and Fox will be available to stream eight days after broadcast.

If you're currently taking advantage of a free Hulu subscription, you can expect this to vanish at some point in the next few weeks -- Hulu has not really set out a precise timetable yet. The phasing out of the free option means that anyone wanting to make use of Hulu will have to pay out either $7.99 per month for a service with commercials, or $11.99 per month without.

In a statement, Hulu senior VP and head of experience. Ben Smith said:

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