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Inside The US Nuclear Sub Challenging Russia In The Arctic


The following is an excerpt from Jim Sciutto and Zachary Cohen | March 14 2018 | CNN.com |

Washington (CNN)Nearly invisible to the enemy as it stalks the oceans depths, the USS Hartford Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine provides the US Navy with a lethal combination of stealth and firepower.

Thousands of miles from homeport, the Hartford cruises the Arctic Ocean -- the site of a potential new flashpoint between Russia and the US. CNN saw at first hand how it can launch a two-ton 20-foot-long torpedo capable of destroying an enemy submarine in an instant.
Along with the USS Connecticut fast-attack submarine and the UK Royal Navy's HMS Trenchant, the 6,000-ton Hartford is currently participating in multinational exercises training for its primary mission: to hunt and kill enemy ships and submarines.

The Arctic is the newest and most daunting front in the expanding global conflict between the US and Russia as both nations battle to control nearly 5.5 million square miles of frozen terrain.
But the receding ice is opening new opportunities for oil exploration, potential shipping lanes and -- crucially -- new paths to wage war.

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