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The Inventor of Android On the Future of Smartphones and Beyond


The following is an excerpt from Lisa Eadicicco | September 21, 2017 | Time.com |

When Andy Rubin sold his startup Android to Google in 2005, the tech landscape looked vastly different. Our phones had clunky keypads, barely functional cameras, and mini screens that didn't support touch input. They also couldn't run the same apps. It's hard to remember what that felt like in a world where Android-powered mobile devices are everywhere, each one built on the same software foundation.

More than a decade later, Rubin is trying to crack the next big platform war that's brewing in the consumer tech space. "There were so many frickin' operating systems for phones," Rubin says. "And it reminds me of what's happening in the home and Internet of Things [market] today."

In May, Rubin gave the public a first look at what his newly founded company, Essential, has been up to. The firm recently launched a new Android phone that Rubin hopes will be future-proof: it has a magnetic connector for attaching accessories that can enable new features, like 360-degree video capture, without having to upgrade your device. And other crucial features, like the camera, are capable of being updated via software over time.

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